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CDJ Big Pulley kit

​Reduce the friction ! Reduce the time !!

​Made in Japan



The attachment is very important functionality parts for the accurate and quick shifting. So we are hung up its sensitive with very stringent tolerance made by a confidence factory who has certainly Japanese sprit. Only slightly difference effects authenticity.​



CDJ Big Pulley kit will work reducing friction loss of the chain and improvement of the utility especially outer/lower gear position which can’t be useful by normal derailleur. We have supported a lot of athletes includes pro riders in Japan.



We have wide variety models for Shimano, Campagnolo and Sram, so you can choose as your demand that you would ride a long ride, hill-climbing, triathlon or just have fun riding. Short cage and middle cage models are available for any components. It’s up to you.​



Not only you can get a real effect for riding but also you will have a satisfaction for make it as you like. Custom made is available, colors, lines, logos or any artwork. It‘s the only one on the globe. So please let us know your desire.​

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